EVENT five


Event 5 - HADES

RX Male, Female & Mixed Divisions

30 Ground to Overheads (15kg Deadball)

120m Sprint


Scaled Divisions - Relay Style

20 Ground to Overheads (6kg Deadball)

120m Sprint


On the call of 3-2-1-Go, athlete one will complete 30/20 ground to overheads with the designated Deadball. On completion of the repetitions they will run 60m to the marker before turning around and running 60m back to their partner. Athlete two will complete in the same sequence. Workout complete once both athletes run across the finish line at the opposite end to the start line. The event will involve two heats per division and a final for each division. The final will be made up of the top five finishing pairs from each heat.


Ground to overhead – Deadball must start on the ground, athlete can move the ball to the overhead position in any way. Athletes must stand extended with arms locked out and ball over the line of the head to complete the rep. Athletes may drop or hold the ball.

Run – Athletes must commence from the start line and turn around on the left hand side of the marker before returning. The Deadball must be carried for the runs. Deadballs are to be dropped on completion of the second athletes run lap and athletes will complete the run to the finish line without the Deadballs. 

Same sex divisions will only have one Deadball to use throughout the event.



Finish position. Pairs that do not make the final will all receive 11 points. Pairs that make the final will receive their finish position in points (lower is better).