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Check In and Spectators

Athletes are to check in on the morning of the competition via the athlete check in QR code. All comp attendees are to check in on the morning of the competition via the Spectator check in QR code. QR codes will be released on Thursday prior to competition. There are no restrictions on the numbers of spectators for the comp. Event one is indoors and is restricted to 60 people.


COVID Safe Plan

All staff, athletes and spectators are required to check in via the relevant QR code. When outdoors staff, athletes and spectators are to wear a mask if they are unable to observe physical distancing. There are no restrictions on the numbers of spectators for outside events. Equipment will be regularly cleaned throughout the events and hand sanitiser will be available for use at each event location.


Event 1 (indoors) is limited to 60 people; Support Crew (10), Athletes from the current and next heats (24) and one seated spectator per athlete in the heats (24). All spectators must be seated. Athletes and spectators are required to wear a face mask when entering and exiting the box.



Parking is available along Education City Drive in line with the attached site map. Street parking is limited and parking in some locations is at a cost per hour.



The following are additional/adjusted standards:

Event 1: Palms must be inside the mats for handstand push-ups at a maximum width of 36”.

Event 2: A no rep on a lunge step will incur an additional step at the end of that segment.

Athletes must return the Worms and Deadballs to the start line at the completion of their heat.

Event 4: Athletes can only have one barbell on the platform at any time. For mixed Divisions the second barbell must be rolled off the platform prior to any lifts.

Event 5: Deadballs are to be dropped on completion of the second athletes run lap and athletes will complete the run to the finish line without the Deadballs. 

Same sex divisions will only have one Deadball to use throughout the event.


Scoring and Disputes

Team Captains are to sign their scorecard after reviewing the score allocated to them by the judge. Any disputes are to be raised with the head judge for that event prior to the next heat. Disputes after this time will only be reviewed in extreme circumstances.